Put on two masks, says M K Satlin

Chief Minister MK Stalin has released an awareness video regarding the precautionary measures and personal hygiene practices for the COVID 19.

He states in the video that everyone should be very careful and cautious as this is the corona pandemic period. “Stay indoors as much as possible. Stick to social distancing even when going out for unavoidable reasons.

This mask is very essential to protect against the effects of this infection. The mask has become a lifeline for humans today. Everyone put on this mask. That is very important. Put this mask all over the nose and mouth as far as possible,” Stalin explains. “Similarly doctors tell another important piece of information.

They say that it is better to wear two masks when travelling to hospitals, factories, offices and in crowded places including public transport,” he adds The chief minister advises us to wash our hands frequently with disinfectant. “The most important of these is the vaccine. Those who have not yet been vaccinated should be vaccinated immediately.

The most important shield to protect us from infection is the vaccine. Vaccination is being carried out by the Tamil Nadu government as a movement. So do not hesitate to get vaccinated. Wearing a mask, using a disinfectant and getting vaccinated can all protect us and our family from infection. We will protect it before it comes, we will form Tamil Nadu without Corona,” says Chief Minister Stalin.

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