Put an end to family politics: Minister Thangamani

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) held an election consultation meeting at Pallipalayam in support of state Electricity Minister P. Thangamani, who is contesting as the AIADMK candidate for the Kumarapalayam assembly constituency for 4th time in succession.

Attending the meeting chaired by Pallipalayam AIADMK Town Secretary and former municipal chairman PS Velliangiri, Thangamani asked people whether they wanted a family rule or a regime run by a layman? The cadres have to take that to the people and collect votes.

Contrary to its policy, the DMK is promising to do good to the Hindus due to election. No one will believe its change in policy.

The DMK said that the AIADMK regime would soon be overthrown once Edapadi KP Palaniswami took charge of the regime.

The CM strengthened Amma ‘s rule by overcoming various criticisms and carrying out various people’s development projects.

The election will establish the rule of Amma again under the leadership of Edappadiyar after the 2021 Assembly elections.

Funds have been provided to construct road facilities in the Kumarapalayam area at an estimated cost of Rs 21 crore.

But a person from DMK filed a case against this in the court. By this way the plans for the people were thwarted.

The AIADMK movement is doing services to the people. But DMK does not do that. So, people need to understand who is working for them without any selfish interest.

Now, the CM announced six cylinders free of cost for all families per year and welfare assistance of Rs 1500 to all homemakers.

Power Minister Thangamani appealed to cadres to write a conclusion to the DMK in the present poll.

The event was attended by Pallipalayam South Union Secretary Senthil, North Union Secretary Chandrasekar, Alampalayam Perur Cooperative Secretary Dhanasekaran and Amma Peravai Secretary DKS Subramaniam attended.

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