Puri achieves 100 percent safe drinking water supply

Puri has become the first city in India to achieve 24 x 7 safe drinking water from taps, as per Indian Quality Standards of IS 10500 from July 26, 2021.

It is an initiative of the Odisha government’s ‘Sujal’ or ‘Drink From Tap’ mission, spearheaded by Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik.

The transformative initiative will now benefit the city’s 2.5 lakh local population and 2 crore tourists who visit the holy city of Lord Jagannath annually.

Provision of safe drinking water will further help prevent the usage of 3crore plastic bottles annually eliminating 400 metric tonnes of plastic waste, further reducing the state’s carbon footprint.

The state-of-the-art technology, which allows people to drink directly from the tap, has become a reality in India for the first time.

Puri now has 100% metered household water connections with safe drinking water round-the-clock joining the league of global cities like London, Singapore and New York.

Pilgrims who visit the city will further have access to 120 drinking water fountains set up b LogoDescription automatically generated LogoDescription automatically generated y the state all along the Grand Trunk Road and other Puri hotspots that are similar to the water fountains at airports.

Apart from Puri, the mission is also on its way to success in 16 other cities across Odisha covering 40lakh households.

The initiative, with it’s mission of ‘water for all’, is set to provide safe water to every household in Odisha across all 114 urban local bodies with an inclusive mandate covering all slum households across the state.

The water quality surveillance has been strengthened with state-of-the-art laboratories, labs on wheels, chlorine analysers with automatic chlorine dozers, water quality sensors.

Returning migrants have also been considered in this mission and plumbers are being trained for installation and maintenance work, including checking for leakages and wastage of water.

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