Public told to follow corona safety norms strictly

Collector C Kathiravan advised members of public to follow government guidelines strictly to protect themselves from corona infection.

He said that curfew has been in force in Tamil Nadu since March 25, 2020 under the National Disaster Management Act as per the guidelines of the Central Government for the prevention of corona virus infection.

In view of the current epidemic situation, double mutant corona virus was reported abroad and increasing number of corona virus victims was reported in neighbouring states.

So, curfew was extended till this month end in TN to prevent corona infection.

Despite various measures taken by the government to control the corona epidemic, the incidence of the disease continues to rise day by day due to people not wearing face masks in public places and not observing social gaps.

People from all walks of life should co-operate to disease control measures.

Companies, factories, shopping malls, private firms, offices and restaurants should ensure that the body temperature of employees and the general public is checked through thermal scanner and they use hand sanitizer and wear face masks. Those who do not wear masks should not be allowed.

Passengers are allowed to travel in seats only on public and private buses between districts, with following standard guidelines. Only 50 percent of customers are allowed to visit tea shops, hotels etc at a time till 11 p.m.

The spread of the disease could be completely controlled only with the full cooperation of the public by washing their hands frequently by using soap at home and at work, adhering to social spaces and avoiding going out unnecessarily.

According to the order of the District Collector, Mr. C. Kathiravan, the Corona virus protection activities are being carried out by the officers in all the taluks in Erode district.

Accordingly, yesterday a private restaurant in the Teachers Colony bus stand area in Erode district was sealed and fined by the Corporation, Health and Police officials following non-compliance with the state corona prevention and safety regulations.

Subsequently, shops, companies and persons traveling in buses were inspected and fined for not wearing masks.

This was followed by an inspection of the Bhavani police station, the bakery, grocery store, furniture store, food preparation company and major roads operating near the new bus stand, and fines were imposed on individuals and companies who did not follow government safety guidelines, he added.

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