Public throng Erode GH to get corona vaccine

Covexin and CoviShield vaccines have been used to control the spread of corona. In the first phase, the field staff, government and private, hospital doctors, nurses, staff, health workers and senior police officers were vaccinated.

More than 20,000 frontline personnel were vaccinated in the Erode district. Since March 1, people above 60 years of age have been vaccinated at all government hospitals, primary health centres and private hospitals.

This is followed by vaccination of all members of the public above the age of 45 from April 1.

Vaccination is provided free of charge at government and primary health centers and at private hospitals. 1.22 lakh people have been vaccinated in the district till yesterday.

Those who get the first vaccine should get the second vaccine. In this situation, there was a shortage of vaccines in the district for a few days.

Then they were corrected and the vaccination work was intensified. The first and second doses of the corona vaccine are being given daily to 300 to 400 people at the Erode GH.

The general public who wish to be vaccinated register through online, get tokens and wait in the long queue in the morning to get vaccinated.

The superintendent of the GH said that both Covaxin and Covishield were available in the GH.

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