Public throng bank branch to get jewel loan

Rumors circulating on Thursday that the government would waive jewel loan in nationalised banks after the assembly poll caused a stir among members of the public who rallied to borrow money by mortgaging jewels at a bank at Brahmadesam near Anthiyur.

As a result, more than 100 members of the public gathered at the bank on Thursday to pawn jewels.

Bank officials reported the issue to Anthiyur police as the public crowd at the bank increased.

Police rushed to the scene, spoke to the public and controlled the crowd.

The public got into an argument with the bank officials for giving tokens to only 40 persons to get loans.

Currently, the Tamil Nadu government has announced that agricultural, jewel and women SHG loans will be waived in co-operative societies.

The public said they came to get the loan because there is a chance that the jewel loan will be written off after the election.

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