Protection of the working fraternity is significant

Youngsters usually work hard irrespective of time. The states in which they went for work witnessed tremendous development because of their labour.

Big cities were renovated. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Coimbatore flourished because of them.

The migrant labourers who have relocated in the last 15 years were the base for umpteen infrastructural constructions.

When the migrant labourers left Tamil Nadu during the last wave of COVID 19, many businesses stumbled.

In a time when they came back and the businesses started to revive, the country was hit by the second wave and it has shattered them.

Their fear of survival itself drives them towards their hometowns. If there is enough safety and assured income in the state where they work, there will be no necessity for them to return home.

Vaccines, protection from corona, fundamental survival for them should be ensured by either the government or the industries on which they depend on.

Protection and safety of the labourers are essential if their labour is required for the development of the nation. We should understand this and act accordingly.

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