Pollachi zone records highest single-day spike with 186 cases

As the second wave of the corona epidemic is on the rise, about 186 people in Pollachi and Anaimalai areas have been diagnosed with coronavirus in a single day on Thursday The corona spread in Pollachi and its environs is increasing day by day.

In Pollachi municipality, 40 to 50 cases per day have been confirmed so far. In this situation, more than a hundred corona infections have been confirmed in Pollachi yesterday than ever before. There are 46 cases in Pollachi town, 32 in the Northern Union and 73 in the Southern Union.

The health department is monitoring the infected areas by imposing strict restrictions. Intensive preventive measures are also being taken. The government has ordered the first part-time curfew today to create awareness among the public. The public in Pollachi is panicked as more than a hundred people have been affected in a single day than ever before in Pollachi.

The Department of Health and the Department of Revenue have advised the public to be self-aware to protect themselves.

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