Pollachi and Mettupalayam GHs resume surgeries

Health officials have on Tuesday said that the government hospitals in Coimbatore are resuming the surgeries that were halted due to corona infection.There are 13 government hospitals in the Coimbatore district.

Among these, various surgeries including obstetric surgery, orthopaedic surgery and accident surgery were performed at the Pollachi and Mettupalayam Government Hospitals were suspended last year due to corona infections.

In this context, Pollachi and Mettupalayam government hospitals have resumed operations as the spread of corona infection is declining, health officials said.

E. Chandra, Associate Director, Department of Health, said: “All medical personnel, including nurses, have been advised to take corona prevention measures as the incidence of corona infection is high.

Only major surgeries were referred to Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital.

In this situation, the spread of the disease in Coimbatore has reduced and surgeries are being carried out at Pollachi and Mettupalayam government hospitals as well. So the public should utilise these services to the maximum.”

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