PM asked to use PSU pharma firms to produce corona vaccine

CPM Ex-MP TK Rangarajan appealed to the PM to use public sector pharma companies including Chengalpattu based Hindustan Biotech to produce corona vaccine as the demand for it was increasing day by day.

In a letter to the PM, he said ”various efforts are being made to produce a vaccine and buy the vaccine from all available sources. Researchers and scientists who have commented on the virus say that the virus would exist for a period of time.

It has been suggested that people should get the vaccine at least 3 times. I hope you take every effort to improve availability of vaccine in our country.

It is unfortunate that not only the Hindustan Biotech but also four other public sector vaccine companies have not been involved in producing vaccin so far.

I met you in person in April last year and brought to your notice the present state of Hindustan Biotech in Chengalpattu and asked you to allocate adequate funds and restructure this PSU.

Recently, on January 8, when the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Mr. Harsh Vardhan visited this factory, I also went there and met him.

The Minister saw that world class machinery was installed there. He promised to give necessary funds to the factory.

I think all public sector companies need to improve their productivity so that the tremendous task of producing large quantity of vaccine by government itself can be fulfilled. I think this is the most important duty.

I would like to mention that in this situation the Hindustan Biotech has all the capacity to produce the vaccine”, he felt.

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