Plea to take action against officers’ misconduct with women in shops

A petition has been submitted to Coimbatore district Collector Dr GS Sameeran on behalf of the Coimbatore District Women’s Wing of the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry to stop the violation of the limit in the guise of officers in shops where women are alone.

District Women’s Wing functionaries including Sasikala, Kavitha, Wimal Thangam, Mary and Seethalakshmi led by President Chellathai of the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce have submitted a petition with the Coimbatore District Collector.

In that petition, it has been stated that the Coimbatore corporation officials, food safety officers, police, weighbridge license officers, etc are involved in inappropriate activities such as entering the shops in the name of inspecting the shops where women are doing business alone and using abusive language, asking for money and so on.

“Also, it is not possible to guess whether these people are officials or not as they enter the shop without showing their identity cards. In some places, jewellery and money have even been forcibly taken.

Women should be treated with dignity when engaged in legal activities by the authorities in shops where women are alone as there is even a risk of death at times. Officers who come to carry out inspections must show their departmental ID cards to assert their credibility,” the petition added.

The petition states that the District Collector should issue appropriate orders to the concerned authorities in this regard.

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