Plea to include state govt under e-SHRAM registration process

AITUC appealed to the Centre to include state government and labour minister in a scheme to register unorganized workers in the newly created e-SHRAM portal and clarify many doubts on the scheme.

In a meeting convened in this regard with trade unions in the Erode labour office by assistant commissioners S Gayathri (SSS) D Baladandayutham (enforcement) and T Murugesan (conciliation), the union district president S Chinnasamy submitted a petition to them on various issues.

He said that under the scheme, Central and district level enforcement and monitoring teams should be constituted but not at the state level. Similarly, though the Centre ordered involvement of various department secretaries led by Chief Secretary, labour officials, Collectors, trade union functionaries in the work, the labour minister was not enrolled in the task.

So, without the support of the state government, the scheme could not get success. Besides, excluding the state government from registration of workers by the Centre is seemed to be not good.

The state government was running 17 unorganized labour welfare boards for the past 27 years by registering workers and collecting cess from public for construction workers and auto workers boards. So, the present registration process to create another scheme by the Centre would dilute the existing boards, it feared.

As per the SC order the data on workers are going to be collected. But, unfortunately, cadres of a particular political party are engaged for the work and it is said that there is no need to submit any proof for workers. The registration is made on the basis of Aadhar card.

It is also said that more benefits would be given under Central scheme than under the state scheme. So the real aim of the scheme should be clarified.

As per the union labour secretary’s letter, district or state level enforcement committees were not yet formed in the district. But state and district level officials started their work, raising suspicion over the registration process.

No clarification was made on the fate of already existed state welfare boards. The already existed workers list can be collected for e-SHRAM registration to avoid another registration and additional work.

At present, one has to submit certificate from other departments that they did not get benefit from them while claiming benefit from particular board in the state.For example getting pregnant mother assistance .

If one get the aid from social welfare department, he cannot claim it from welfare board. But it is difficult to get the certificate from that department.

So if such certificate is sought from Central government board for unorganized workers or state board regarding not getting benefits from other boards or departments would add more problems to workers.

So, it must be clarified that the state welfare boards would continue with their schemes and they would not be affected due to the present Central scheme.

Under the newly created 4 manuals of labour laws, the Centre is empowered to collect cess for the welfare boards and it would threaten the finance of construction and auto workers unions which were collecting the cess now.

So, till the state government clarifies its stand on e -SHRAM and formation of state or district level enforcement teams, the e-SHRAM registrations should be withheld, he pleaded.

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