Plea to fix Rs 8000 as MSP for cassava

At the end of the cassava harvest, the procurement price has gone up to Rs. 1,000 per tonne, leading to no major benefit to ryots.

Cassava is widely grown in Modakkurichi, Kodumudi, Kadambur and Talawadi areas of Erode district.

In December last year, farmers demanded that the government set a minimum support price for cassava.

A tripartite meeting was convened by the then collector C Kathiravan in which the price was fixed at Rs. 6,000 per tonne. However, cassava harvesting is over in most parts of Erode district.

In this situation the price of cassava has gone up from Rs.500 to Rs.1,000 per tonne now.

The farmers of Erode district have suffered due to this.

Commenting on this, KR Suthanthirarasu, President of the Tamil Nadu Small and Marginal Farmers Association said:

Cassava is the major crop in Erode, Namakkal and Salem districts.

The harvest starts in August and gradually decreases after the end of March.

As there was no price for cassava last December, a tripartite meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Erode district administration and the price was fixed at Rs. 6,000 per tonne.

At present, it is procured at Rs 6,500 to Rs 7,000 per tonne at the end of harvest.

Farmers would have benefited if prices had been higher during the harvest season.

However, harvesting is currently taking place in Sathyamangalam, Kadambur, Kollimalai and Karumanthurai areas.

The farmers there will benefit.

The higher the pest infestation, the lower the yield and the lower the profit.

Farmers in Erode district are worried about pest infestation in the current year as well.

Therefore, during cassava planting, the Department of Agriculture should provide necessary assistance to the farmers and take steps to control the pest infestation.

At the same time, he said action should be taken to fix the minimum support price at Rs 8,000 per tonne so that farmers can get adequate price during the season.

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