Plea to check pollution problem in Noyyal river

Farmers and the public pleaded to the TN Pollution Control Board to take appropriate action to check mixing of texile dyeing unit effluents in the Noyyal River as the salinity level touched 2,500 TDS in river water.

The Orathupalayam Dam near Chennimalai is about 40 feet high. Dye waste stagnant in the dam since the dam was built.

According to the High Court order, the water should not be stored in the dam and the water coming into the dam should be discharged as it is in the river.

Currently, due to the rains in the vicinity of the dam, the flow to the dam has increased.

About 65 cubic feet of water, coming into the dam, is discharged from the dam into the River. Most of the units are discharging effluents in the Noyyal River by using the present rain water.

During the last corona general freeze in 2020, good water flowed into the Noyyal river as the dyeing units in Tirupur were remain closed, they recalled.

So, they demanded the Pollution Control Board to take appropriate action against the rising salinity level in the river water.

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