Petition seeking suspension of the SI in Coimbatore

The owner of a restaurant in Coimbatore has filed a petition with the District Collector seeking stern action against a Sub-Inspector who broke into a private restaurant and attacked the staff and some women who were eating there.

At around 10.20 pm last night at a private restaurant operating in the Coimbatore Gandhipuram area, the public and staff, including a woman, were severely assaulted by Kattur Police Station SI Muthu.

As the video footage of the attack went viral on social media, the City Police Commissioner ordered SI Muthu to be transferred to the police control room. The restaurant owner Mohanraj, came to the district collector’s office to lodge a complaint.

The petition was filed in the complaint box according to the instructions given by the police as the rules of conduct of the election were in force. Mohanraj later said to the reporters, “The government has given permission for the shops to be open till 11 pm.

But the Kattoor police SI barged into the shop and severely assaulted the staff and customers. We provided food to the women on humanitarian grounds as they were hungry”.

He then added that the attack was carried out blindly and 3 of the affected staff were admitted to Coimbatore Government Hospital. He also said that the incident was not taking place for the first time. “We also went to file a petition with the City Commissioner of Police but were told to lodge a complaint at the police station concerned by the election regulations.

They have demanded that the district collector and the police commissioner take appropriate action and the perpetrators of the attack will be properly investigated.

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