Permit to open salons for 3 hours: Barbers’ Association

The barbers’ association in Coimbatore filed a petition to the Coimbatore District Collector on Monday seeking permission to open the salons for at least three hours a day.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has imposed various new restrictions beginning today as there is a rapid surge in the COVID cases across the state. According to the guidelines, the government has orders the closure of salons in the Corporations and Municipalities.

In this context, the members of the Tamil Nadu Barbers Association filed a petition to the District Collector of Coimbatore. Following this, the Ukkadam Branch Secretary of the organisation Sasikumar spoke to the press. He said, “Already, the salons were closed during the first wave of COVID 19. Because of that, we were extremely distressed.

While our livelihoods are at stake already, the government has announced the closure of our shops once again. It is very unfair to order the closure of salons while many other shops are open.” He added that they were operating their shops strictly adhering to the guidelines issued by the government.

“So the government should consider our demand to open our shops for at least three hours a day from 7 am to 10 am,” he said.

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