People’s trust converts to votes 

The political campaigns in Tamil Nadu are geared up ahead of the elections.

The flying squad of the electoral officers are intensively involved in vehicle checks in buses, cars, autos, taxis and trucks.

Crores of rupees illegally transported for giving to the voters are being caught.

Despite all these raids, money and other gift items reach the doorsteps of the voters.

In some areas, a bag per house is being distributed and the bag would contain a saree, dhoti and towel.

In most of the constituencies, ADMK and DMK are competing with each other face to face. 

The quantum of promises has increased. People are happy to see manifestoes.

The hike in the prices of petrol, diesel and gas cylinders have shattered everything and people are in great expectation of a change. 
Few voters are expecting a financial miracle to happen in spite of the surveillance of the flying squads.

Many have confirmed that the money flow has considerably increased this time despite the prevailing situation. 

The banks do admit that and the money kept hidden hither and thither are slowly coming out. 

The voters who are traumatised by the pandemic are in great expectation of getting relieved from the financial stress if not before, at least after the election.

People’s trust in those who would bring life to all the promises made is going to convert into votes. 

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