“Today morning we see crowds that could shake-up Coimbatore. It is clear that people want AIADMK rule should continue Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy said here today.

Speaking at a public campaign in Raja Street in Coimbatore today the Chief Minister said that the opposition leader Stalin was making a pretense by conducting grama saba meetings gathering large numbers of women.

In Coimbatore also such an event was held in which a woman raised sharp questions. But Stalin could not tolerate her.

Everyone witnessed in TV channels how the woman was attacked by DMK men. “This is the level of grama saba meetings conducted by DMK, ” said the Chief Minister.

A number of promises were made by the DMK during the last parliamentry elections. Questioning the fate of those promises, Edappadi K Palanisamy said the DMK did not do anything to the people.

Attacking the AIADMK and confusing the people with attractive speech is the objective of the grama saba meetings he said.

“Today morning we see crowds that could shake-up Coimbatore. It is clear that people want AIADMK rule should continue.

DMK president says in every place that he sees smiles on people’s faces indicating that it was a sign of DMK’s immenent victory.

But Stalin couldn’t understand that it was smiles of mockery. Stalin does not have the decency of replying to people’s questions, “said the Chief Minister.

Coimbatore is a growing city. In the last ten years the growth had been phenomenal. But the DMK men are seeking votes by pointing out mistakes.

But we tell the people about what we propose to do, he said.
He further stated that the government has constructed bridges, flats for the poor, new college for women, new collecorate, given gold for mangalsutra, old age assistance, new collectorate, upgrading of government hospital and many more.

He further said that the AIADMK has attracted foriegn investments. Tamilnadu has ranked first in maintaining law and order.

We will not allow voilence related to caste and religion. Because of this many businesses men are coming here to invest.There is no landgrabing, murders and kangroo courts. But all these will happen if DMK comes to power, said Edappadi K Palanisamy.

Regarding the memorandum submitted by the DMK president to the governor alleging corruption of Rs.450 crore in laying road between Thenkasi and Thirunelveli, the Chief Minister said that neither fund was allocated nor the tender was floated.

During the coronovirus pandemic, the government gave free groceries to the people. Also Rs.2500 was given as pongal cash assistance. But the DMK has not given anything free he said.

The Chief Minister is on a two day visit to Coimbatore. He will visit all the ten assembly constituencies and take part in campaign.

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