Penalty for not wearing face masks in Erode

Wearing face mask is mandatory in Erode district.

The collector has warned that people would be fined Rs 200 if they did not wear face masks when leaving the house.

Accordingly, work is underway to impose fines on those who do not wear face masks in various parts of the city for the last 4 days.

Since today is Sunday a large number of people came to the fish market near Stony Bridge to buy fish.

Following this, more than 10 corporation staff led by Third Zone Sanitary Inspector Ismail visited every shop in the fish market and inspected it.

Those who did not wear face shields were fined Rs 200.

They also stopped the buses, autos, cars that came through and checked whether the passengers were wearing helmets in which a few passengers who were not wearing helmets were fined and given masks.

Some parents brought their children to the fish market.

Authorities advised them not to bring children to such places.

Similarly, officials led by Second Zone Sanitary Inspector Nallasamy inspected the farmers’ market in Sampath Nagar, Erode today and fined those who came without wearing helmets.

According to the corporation officials, they have been conducting intensive inspections in all areas as masks are mandatory in the Erode district.

In the third zone a fine of Rs 38,000 was imposed yesterday alone and a fine of Rs 39,600 today.

Four shops were fined Rs 5,000 each for violating the rules.

Seven stores have been sealed.

Similarly, a fine of Rs 23,000 was imposed yesterday in the second zone.

A total fine of Rs 4,200 has been imposed this morning.

The public must wear a mask when leaving the house.

They urged the public not to forget that the face shield is a life shield.

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