Patent right for new App helping seasonal entrepreneurs

A new App, created to help seasonal traders and entrepreneurs by some college faculties, got the patent right and the App would be formally commercialized from next month, said Kongu Arts and Science College assistant prof Dr M Thangam of Department of Business Administration.

`It is a joint venture of 8 faculties of Kongu Arts and Engineering Colleges –Dr.s P Karthikeyan, S Muralidhar, P Karthika, MS Sureshkumar, Udhayakumarramasamy, AS Sathishkumar, K Selvaraju and Thangam.

It was approved by the Intellectual Property Rights of India, a Government of India organization, which is the authority in giving patent rights to innovative products/ideas in the nation.

Of nearly 4000 products got patent rights in the nation every year, nearly 1500 were belonging to our nation and the rest came from other nations.

In fact, only if there is no such innovation in the nation, the patent right would be given to the new idea and the innovator would be allowed to make it as a product and commerialise it after one year gap from getting the patent right.

If similar product was already got patent right, no new patent right would be given.

As far as their product is concerned, it is a new one in the nation which could help the seasonal traders and entrepreneurs like fire cracker, kite, X-mas decoration, ice cream making, holy colours and spray gun, raincoat, warm cloth, Deepavali, Pongal apparel making businessmen etc.

She told Afternoon ”the traders/producers doing business permanently are using Tally and other Apps to prepare their daily turnover, GST returns, profit and loss account etc.

But, the seasonal traders/producers did not have such App. So, their App would be more useful to them even if the trader/producer have different kind of goods for sales during particular seasons.

It would also help the traders and producers who are going from one place to another during the festival season to sell their goods,” she explained.

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