Passengers face ordeal in Erode railway station

Many passengers rued over railway authorities new rule of asking them to sit on the ground while booking tickets at the Erode railway station on the ground of preventing corona infection.

Erode Railway Station is a major railway station with over 100 trains plying daily. Currently only 10 to 20 trains arrive due to the corona spread and reservation is must to travel in it.

So passengers who have to travel long distances by train have to arrive at the station in advance and book tickets.

Currently, public are advised to follow social distancing to prevent corona spread. Accordingly, this procedure is followed at the Erode railway station.

All the seats there are put upside down and marking is laid on the floor at a distance of 2 meters with instruction to sit on the markings on the floor.

Passengers have to sit on the floor, get up when the person on the next stage is gone and sit on that stage again. Social activists have denounced it as an inhumane act.
Commenting on this, a social activist said: – The Erode railway station is well connected to the southern districts, Chennai and the northern states.

Many people who came from out-of-state and out-of-district to work here are moving to their hometowns as it is the time of corona spread.

They come directly to the station and book tickets in order to travel on the train.

If you book online at the computer and the ticket is not confirmed, you will not be able to travel by train with that ticket.

But the ticket taken at the train station can be used to travel even while it is in waiting list.
So most of the people who are not able to confirm the ticket, come directly to the railway station and book the ticket considering the urgency of the journey.

It is right to advise such travelers to observe social space.

But, forcing them to sit on the ground is an inhumane act.
How many times can one sit and get up.

Isn’t it difficult to sit on the floor and get up.

Single chairs at certain intervals can be erected to allow passengers to sit on it and buy tickets.

Railway officials should stop causing inconvenience to passengers, they pleaded.

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