Parties focus on wall writings in rural areas

As the assembly will be held on April 6, political parties, including the AIADMK and DMK, are actively working on allocating seats to coalition parties and fielding candidates.

As part of this, political parties have begun wall writings in rural areas to popularise their symbols.

Such advertisements are not allowed in corporation, municipalities and town panchayats.

In private buildings in rural areas, advertising can be done only with the formal permission of the owners.

So, the political parties avoided advertisements in urban areas and opted rural areas.

According to AIADMK cadres, they have drawn two leaves symbol with achievements of the government and without mentioning the name of the government.

AIADMK advertisements are seen in many places across the district.

According to the DMK cadres, they have been drawing the Rising Sun symbol without mentioning candidates name.

Despite the various tactics used to attract voters, wall advertisements are important as they would attract many voters. So, even though the candidates were announced, they started wall advertisements, they added.

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