Parents are the best guards

The incident where four children from Pennannkuppa village near Villupuram drowned in a pond, shattered everyone.

All the four children who belonged to the same village were below 8 years of age.

They got trapped in a deep area of the pond when they went to bathe (play) there.

Three of them died and one boy was luckily saved.

It is sorrowful to come across one or two similar incidents every year.

Infants and children drowning in rivers, ponds, lakes, septic tanks, sewage drains and borewells have become a common accident nowadays.

It is definitely possible to curb such accidents if the government and parents cooperate.

This tragic incident has indicated that the parents, residents and villagers should be aware of the puddles, ponds, septic tanks and borewells in their localities.

Thorn or concrete fences can be built around the puddles, ponds and lakes in villages.

Measures can be taken to seal the unused water bodies. Warning boards can be placed to indicate to everyone about the danger.

Non-Governmental Organisations and social activists can voluntarily do these services.

Innocent children who are not even teens should be taught about the impending danger that lies with water and fire.

Parents should repeatedly warn their kids not to go near pits that are not closed.

Parents should keenly have an eye on their children’s activities.

Instead of leaving the kids alone at home, they can be left with trusted relatives or friends in case the parents have to go out.

Apart from the fact that the taxing work done every day is for the welfare of our children, it is the duty of the parents to ensure the safety of the children.

Parents are the safety guards for the ignorant toddlers.

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