Panchayat President assassinated in Thoothukudi

A Panchayat President from the Thoothukudi district was hacked to death by a gang of four men on Wednesday. An AIADMK functionary Ponseelan (45) hails from Veerapandi near Muthiahpuram in Thoothukudi. He was the Panchayat President of Agaram panchayat near Eral. His wife is Esther Merlin. They have 4 children.

Ponseelan went to attend a feast conducted on the occasion of a temple festival in Agaram on Wednesday. A gang of 4 people who were hiding there at that time suddenly attacked him with weapons.

He was drenched in a pool of blood and succumbed to severe injuries on the spot. Upon learning of this, the Eral Police rushed to the spot, seized Ponseelan’s body and sent it to the Thoothukudi Government Hospital for autopsy.
Police have registered a case and are investigating the murder.

The assassins were identified as Jebasingh (38), Ruben (48), Jagan (42) and Sebastian from the Agaram area.
It is reported that Lenin, a resident of Agaram, was hacked to death in 2017 in which Ponseelan has been added as the first accused in the case.

The case is being heard in Srivaikundam Court. The verdict is expected tomorrow. It is said that there has been animosity between Ponseelan and Lenin’s relatives over this case.

Ruben and Jagan, who are currently being searched by police, are brothers of Lenin, who was assassinated in 2017.
So the police suspect that Ponseelan may have been killed in retaliation for that murder.

Also, Sebastien, who was involved in the murder, is currently contesting the Thoothukudi, Nazareth constituency election. But he did not succeed. Ponseelan has won. Hence police are investigating along the lines of whether the reason for the murder might be a political vendetta.

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