Paddy straw price up


After cultivating about 20,000 acres of paddy in the Sathy area, the post-harvest straw rolling work is in full swing. Paddy was damaged due to rains in Tanjore delta leading to shortage of straw and rise in price from Rs 140 to Rs to 250 per bundle.

Paddy was raised in the area by using Bhavanisagar dam water. Currently, the paddy harvest is over and the paddy bundles are being sold.
Straw lying in the fields after paddy harvest is used as fodder for livestock. Demand for it has grown significantly as it is used round the year as animal feed.

In the Sathy area, traders are collecting straw from the paddy harvested fields and bundling it with by using a machine attached with a tractor.
In most places the straw is sold as bundles only. Last month, a 40 kg bundle of straw was sold for Rs 140.

At present there is a shortage of straw. So, the price rose to Rs. 240.
If 35 bundles are available per acre, farmers income would be Rs 7,500.
Many sent the straw to Karnataka as cattlefeed and also for producing mushrooms after getting permission from officials due to rigid norms of model code of conduct.

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