Oxygen stock sufficient, producers told to increase production: Salem Collector

Sufficient stock of oxygen is available to meet the current needs of COVID-19 patients and producers of oxygen have been told to increase production and ensure steady supply said S.A Raman, Salem District Collector.

Following a meeting with oxygen manufacturers and distributors, the Collector said they have been told to ensure steady supply and also prioritize sales to the demand of the district first.

The collector said all necessary steps have been taken to treat patients ensuring availability of adequate number of beds and life support systems in hospitals.

At the Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Hospital an oxygen storage tank with 35,000 litters capacity has already been installed he said.

For treating coronavirus patients, 550 beds with life support systems have been made available.

350 more beds are getting ready. In addition 175 beds is being added to private hospitals.

The private hospitals in Salem district have a total of 480 beds out of which 260 are with oxygen.

Temporary treatment centres with 2500 beds have been set up and 33 private hospitals been allowed to provide intensive care to patients.

This will increase the number of beds with oxygen supply in private hospitals to 350 and 1470 beds without oxygen facility.

In order to protect people from infection the mass vaccination drive has been launched.

A total of 2,16,459 have taken Covishield vaccine dose in the 1st phase and 64,215 in the second phase.

As many as 36,290 have taken Covaxine in the 1st. phase and 4195 in the second phase said the collector.

The collector said that sufficient stocks of vaccines are available in Salem District.

He reviewed the production of oxygen in Jindal Steel Works near Mettur on Thursday.

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