Order to seal the Coimbatore Collectorate quashed

The land belonging to Saraswathi Ammal (90) of Pannimadai, Coimbatore district was acquired by the Tamil Nadu Housing Board in 1983.

To this end, the Housing Board has been delaying the payment of compensation for several years after the court ordered it to pay Rs 69 lakh in compensation.

Thus, on behalf of Saraswati Ammal, a petition was filed in the Coimbatore Second Additional Court seeking an order to pay compensation. The court on April 21 ordered the confiscation of the items of the Coimbatore District Collector’s Office and to lock and seal the Coimbatore Housing Board office.

Similarly, the court had also ordered compensation worth Rs. 59 lakh to Venkatesh and Sarojini from Avarampalayam but was not paid. After that, the Collector’s Office was ordered to be sealed. Following these two orders, the Collector of Coimbatore consulted with the officials of the Chennai Housing Board.

Accordingly, it was decided to pay the compensation amount to the court. Following this, the Coimbatore Housing Board officials handed over a check amounting to Rs. 1.28 crore to the landowners Saraswathi Ammal, Venkatesh and Sarojini. Thus, the judge quashed the order to seal the Coimbatore Collector’s Office.

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