Order issued to provide ration items in all houses:KAS

Government order was issued to provide ration items at the doorsteps of all houses. But, it was not implemented due to the election announcement Education Minister K.A. Sengottaiyan said.

He was campaigning in Nambiyur area of ​​his Gobichettipalayam assembly constituency yesterday.

Then he spoke, ”currently people are going to the ration shops and getting the goods.

That will no longer be the case. After the AIADMK rule comes to power, ration items will come to your houses.

If the shopkeeper refuses to supply the goods in your home action will be taken, he warned. Last time, all the houses were provided with mixers, grinders, fans to reduce the workload of women.

Currently Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy is going to provide washing machines and solar powered stoves to everyone to help them further.

Rs.1500 / – per month will now be deposited in the bank account under the Kulavilakku scheme for each family head.

This way they can operate without expecting others for their essential expenses, he hoped. Nambiyur Union Secretary Thambi (A) Subramanian, former chairman of the SIDCO Board Sindhu Ravichandran, and Elathur town Secretary Sekar Saravanan.

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