One observer for each segment in vote counting centre

Erode ,
District Collector C. Kathiravan said that the Election Commission has appointed IAS officers for each of the 8 constituencies to monitor counting of votes.

A consultative meeting was held on Thursday at the Erode District Collectorate on the guidelines to be followed by the candidates and agents participating in the counting of votes.

EC observers Adonu Chatterjee and Narbhu Wangdi Bhutia attended. District Governor C. Kadiravan, who presided over the meeting, said:
The counting of votes for the 8 Assembly constituencies in Erode district will start at 8 am on May 2 at the IRTT Engineering College and Gobi Arts College.

Accordingly, for each of the 8 Assembly constituencies in the Erode district, the votes will be counted in 19 tables, totalling 152 tables.

In the counting centres, 8 General Observers, 8 returning officers, 48 assistant returning officers, 184 superintendents, 184 micro observers, 8 liaison officers, 800 medical staff, 320 other staff, 16 office assistants, 160 journalists, 1080 cops, 2248 candidates agents will work in the counting centres of 8 constituencies.

As a corona prevention measure, 19,484 cloth face masks, 6,425 full face shields, 20,357 gloves, 320 sanitizer bottles and 34 body thermal scanners will be provided in 8 segments.

All steps have been taken to monitor the counting directly by the Election Commission through online.

He said that during the counting of votes for the 8 constituencies in the Erode district, all the candidates and agencies should abide by the rules laid down by the Commission and give necessary cooperation to conduct the counting of votes in the best possible manner, he pleaded.

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