One-day Jain meditation fest in Coimbatore

A one-day meditation programme was held at Nehru Vidyalaya School in Coimbatore on behalf of the Coimbatore Sthanakvasi Jain Association with the participation of Jain Sadhvis.

Sadhvis Shri Kumataladji Maharaja, Shri Mahapranji, Shri Padamkirtiji and Rajkradiji Maharaja participated in it. The event was held for 24 hours continuously, in which chanting of mantras took place 10008 times for the expurgation of the coronavirus, the growth of humanity, the improvement of health, the improvement of relationships and peace.

Speaking to the media after the meditation programme, they said, “Various negative events take place due to sins, lack of love for nature and persecution of animals. So people should love all creatures and nature”. Coimbatore Welfare Association President Ramesh Bafna thanked the Jain Association at the event.

The event was attended by many including Sripal Kankaria , President of Shri Coimbatore Sthanakvasi Jain Association and Secretary Dhanraj Choradia.

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