Officials seal 230 shops for the past 10 days

Corona impact is increasing in Erode district. To control this, the district administration, the corporation and the health department are coordinating various preventive measures on a wartime basis.

The curfew is currently being enforced. Authorities across the district are inspecting, and sealing shops that violate the safety guidelines announced by the government and impose a fine of Rs 5,000 on each shop.

Authorities in the Erode area, led by Corporation Commissioner Dr M Ilangovan, have been inspecting shops in the four zones from time to time and imposing fines.

Accordingly, 230 shops have been fined Rs 5,000 each for violating curfew norms from October 10 to yesterday. A fine of Rs 11 lakh has been levied.
The Commissioner said “corona will come under control if government regulations are respected.
But, some people are more likely to become infected by opening stores after a certain time and by opening stores in violation of the ban.

The corporation has set up committees in 4 zones to take action against such shops. Accordingly, 230 shops in the corporation areas have been sealed for the last 10 days.

Those who make a mistake for the first time are warned and released within three days.
But those who often violate the control of the corona are prosecuted and action is taken accordingly”, he added.

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