Octogenarian women in the fray in Modakurichi

In the Modakkurichi assembly constituency alone in Erode district, 2 much aged women – Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan (DMK) and Dr C Saraswathi-were in the fray while many young leaders of the parties were keen to contest.

In the segment, Socialist Party has won once, DMK, – 3, AIADMK, – 7, Cong., once.

In 1996 poll, 1,100 people filed nominations and 1,032 stood in the field for electoral reform, led by lawyer C Nallasamy on behalf of the Federation of Tamil Nadu Agricultural Associations.

In the nationally acclaimed election, the then Chief Electoral Commissioner, TN Seshan, personally visited and prepared ballot paper.

DMK deputy general secretary Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan, who won in 1977 and 1996 in the segment, is currently DMK candidate.

Against her, BJP’s new face Dr C. Saraswathi, M.N.M’s Rajeshkumar, A.M.M.K’s D.Thankaraj, Naam Tamilar Party’s Prakash and some independents are in the fray.

What happened: As sitting AIADMK MLA VP Sivasubramaniam was denied ticket, BJP’s C Saraswathi is in the field in the AIADMK alliance.

IN the last poll, he gave many promises but many of them were not fulfilled.

However, the BJP, candidate Saraswati is campaigning by presenting the election manifestoes of BJP and AIADMK. She is assisted by various Hindu organizations.

At the same time, DMK candidate Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan was a two-time MLA in the constituency and served as union and state ministers and MP of Tiruchengode.

She did not bring any major project to the constituency.

\Many people like sitting MLA, Sivasubramanian, former MP, Selvakumara Chinnaiyan tried to get tickets in AIADMK.

Similarly, in the DMK, many like Sachchidanandam and Prakash tried and in BJP also many tried to contest.

Unexpectedly, the DMK and BJP fielded much aged candidates in the segment.

So, strong discontent is prevailing among functionaries in both the fronts and many of them did not involve in election work.

Whoever wins, out of the two, it is difficult for people of the segment to meet their MLA as both are residents of Erode town.

Saraswati, BJP national committee member, is a doctor having a big hospital and big school at Erode.

Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan was a teacher before joining politics and became Minister in MGR cabinet in 1977 -80.

In this constituency, despite having 15 candidates, the main contest is between the BJP and DMK only.

Since both belong to the Goundar, the caste vote will be divided equally. As AIADMK is strong, Saraswathi fully depends on its cadres.

The segment is a major agrarian belt getting water from both LBP and Kalingarayan irrigation canals.

So the ryots expect many things from candidates including turmeric, tapioca research centers and good prices for them and major development schemes of central and state governments.

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