Novel fear

The second wave of COVID 19 has so far claimed many lives.

The lands were all converted into crematoriums as crematoriums were not available for cremation.

People in the northern states tremble at the sight of Corona’s devastating face.

Political leaders have suggested a complete curfew as the impact of the corona increases in the southern states.

Accordingly, the announcement of the implementation of a full curfew in Tamil Nadu has been made, which is commendable.

Although Covaxin and Covishield vaccines help to escape corona infection to some extent, people are suffering from a shortage of oxygen and vaccines.

Having said this, there is a recent surge in the drop of oxygen levels in the blood and many people seem to suffer from this condition.

Adolescents show no signs of this.

They do their work happily as usual and continue to play well.

But without any obvious signs inside, this infection tends to create some serious consequences.

This new disease is named Happy Hypoxia. Hypoxia is a lack of oxygen in the blood.

But young people are better off not knowing that the level of oxygen in the blood is low.

So this is called Happy Hypoxia.

Thus no symptoms of respiratory distress appear.

The lungs are affected when the most critical condition occurs.

The development of the disease will also intensify.

Thus requiring immediate oxygen support to them.

Some people may also need ventilators.

In the context of the increasing COVID cases and an increased death toll of the second wave in the country, the occurrence of such ancillary diseases without any symptoms has caused great fear among the youth as to what new disease might have affected them.

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