Notices served on corona security measures

As corona impact is increasing again in the district and more than a hundred people are affected every day, Erode Corporation pasted notices regarding the security measures to be followed in the shops, firms, business establishments etc in all establishments in the Corporation area.

It states that all employees in stores must wear a face mask.

Customers should only be allowed inside the store if they are wearing a mask.

Keep something like sanitizer, soap liquid water, soapy water in the entrance area of ​​the store and allow customers after cleaning hands with disinfectant.

Do not allow the crowd to join inside or outside the store.

Customers should be allowed a limited number of 6-foot-wide social spaces to fit the size of the store.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks should only be served in a disposable paper tumbler.

Silver and glass tumblers should not be used.

Gloves must be worn when serving snacks and groceries.

Violators of the above conditions will be immediately fined between Rs 500 and Rs 5,000.

Action will be taken to close and seal the shops which do not follow the Corona instructions again, it stated.

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