Norovirus infection

It is feared that many people in Tamil Nadu may have contracted norovirus due to water pollution following the monsoon. The main reason for this is that more than a hundred people are suffering from diarrhoea which is considered to be its main symptom and are being treated in hospitals.

Following this, the health and Family Welfare Department has intensified immunization activities throughout Tamil Nadu. Norovirus infection is set to cause a new kind of fear for people who have only seen corona infection for the past 2 years.

In particular, more than 20 people in the neighbouring state of Kerala have been officially reported to be affected. Many are said to have acquired this Noro infection if the tests are increased.

Although it is not as severe as the coronavirus, doctors warn that it can lead to kidney failure if left untreated. It has been advised to drink only boiled water, not to eat old foods, wash hands frequently, keep the toilets clean, wash vegetables and greens clean, and isolate norovirus-infected patients. Environmental cleaning is important.

Noro patients should not cook. Do not eat without washing your hands with soap. Eat nutritious foods.
Excessive fear is also a risk factor for noro infection. Excessive indifference is also a risk.

You can escape from that infection if you act with vigilance. The number of children being treated for diarrhoea in Tamil Nadu has multiplied in the last few days.

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