Norms for temporary election booth of parties at Erode

Conditions have been announced for political parties and candidates to set up a temporary election booth on polling day.

Regarding this, Erode Collector C. Kadiravan said: Candidates and political parties may set up a temporary election office near the polling station on the day of the Assembly elections on April 6.

The temporary office should be about ten feet by ten feet, 200 meters outside the polling station.

There should be only one table and two chairs. Only two persons may be allowed in the office.

Since it is summer, the roof can be set up using an umbrella or tarpaulin, fabric.

In this regard, written permission must be obtained from the Returning Officer.

A copy of the permit should be kept in the booth to help police verify it.

At the booth, voters can be given an unofficial ID card without candidate name, symbol and party name.

However, notice board can be kept in the booth containing candidate name, symbol, party name notice.

Voters who cast votes should not be allowed to stay in the booth.

Overcrowd is also not allowed.

Those who are there should not harass or threaten voters to vote for them.

The temporary office expenses will be added to the candidate’s account.

It should not be set up near educational institution, hospital, places of worship.

Violation of the rule will result in cancellation of the office permit and legal action will be taken against those who involved in such violation, he said.

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