No oxygen shortage in Erode district

There is no oxygen shortage in Erode district and needy patients are given oxygen as prescribed by the doctors, said Dr. Mani, Dean, Government Erode Medical College Hospital, Perundurai.

The corona outbreak in Erode district has been increasing day by day and the day before yesterday, 925 people were infected and four died. 4,421 are in treatment.

At the same time, there are 972 beds in government hospitals and 2,660 beds in temporary corona treatment centers, Collector C. Kadiravan said in a statement. Also, of the corona victims, 1,534 are being treated at the hospital.

He says 2,887 people were isolated in their homes. However, there are complaints that beds with oxygen in government and private hospitals are low and that due to lack of oxygen, patients are being relocated to other hospitals.

Commenting on this, Dr. Mani said oxygen is essential in corona treatment. When the corona exposure increases and shortness of breath occurs, the respiratory problem is corrected for them with oxygen.

Do not panic if the oxygen breathing level is above 95. 90 to 95 is normal. If it is less than 90, the patient should be given oxygen. The doctors will tell him how much oxygen to be given.

Therefore, only the most vulnerable need oxygen. Erode Medical College Hospital has adequate oxygen reserve. The required amount of oxygen is received from the National Oxygen Production Center, Perundurai.

As the cost of oxygen has increased, over the past few days, it is being supplied only to those who need it most We fully cater to those in need. When some people sleep, oxygen is wasted.

We detect it and set up a team to control oxygen loss. Thus, oxygen loss and wastage are reduced. Those who do not need oxygen supply are in the corona special centers.

If they need it, we will take them to the appropriate hospital and deliver it. We also monitor special centers. So, the problem for patients with oxygen deficiency is not in the district, he added.

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