No one can separate me from the AIADMK cadres: Thoppu Venkatachalam

”Even if I was removed from the AIADMK, no one can separate me from the AIADMK cadres,” said former minister and Perundurai MLA Thoppu ND Venkatachalam.

After his expulsion from the party for contesting as independent against the party’s official candidate Jayakumar in his Perundurai segment, he told reporters at his office today:

“I have been an AIADMK member for the last 40 years and in various positions in the party.

Thoug he was an ordinary cadre, the late CM Jayalalithaa gave me an opportunity to contest the elections in 2011 and become a Minister.

Then in 2016 she gave me the opportunity to continue as MLA to serve the people.

I also came up with various projects for the development of the constituency.

I have been working for the development of the people and the constituency.

But, party ticket was denied in the Assembly elections.

The ticket was given to Jayakumar, who indulged in anti-party activities.

His wife contested against party candidate Shanti for Perundurai PU president post.

Those who tried to defeat the party are now given the opportunity to contest.

But I have been constantly striving for the development of the people of the constituency and the development of the party.

But I have been denied a seat.

That’s why I decided to compete independently.

But they have expelled me from the party and denied seat in the name of internal politics.

This is not fair in any way. Senkottaiyan, who is older than me, has been given the opportunity to compete for the eighth time at Gobichettipalayam.

But the AIADMK leadership refuses to considerhis case.

In the past, when MGR and Jayalalithaa were in power, the party leadership would select the candidates, but now such power was vested with the ministers in the district.

They are giving tickets to their supporters according to likes and dislikes of them.

Those who have been in the party for many years have been ignored and newcomers have been given a chance in the local elections.

Although I have come up with various plans for development of the constituency, the district ministers have acted as a stumbling block, but no action has been taken against them.

For example, Kodiveri Dam water project was planned to supply drinking water to my entire constituency .

But the ministers blocked it. However, I have struggled hard to carry out the plan.

My sole objective is to ensure that the project is fully implemented and drinking water is provided to the people without any shortage, regardless of which regime comes to power.

Similarly, work is currently underway to concretise the LBP main canal.

In my constituency, it will affect about 20,000 farmers. But none of the ministers of the district are worried about this .

The ministers rushed to Chennai yesterday to expel me from the party and today they announced his expulsion from the party.

I told the chief minister that the concretisation plan would hit ryots.

But he said ”Let’s see.” Similarly no action was taken even when the problems of the party were stated in the general council of the party.

When he was party district secretary, during Jayalalithaa period, he recommended district panchayat chairman post to a Nadar community person, district coop press chairman post to a Vanniyar and the rest of posts to Vellala Goundars.

By this way he maintained unity of various castes and communities.

But, now, the things are quite different.

At the same time, I do not oppose the return of the AIADMK to power or the return of Edappadi Palanichamy as Chief Minister.

My aim is to speed up the implementation of the Kodiveri Drinking Water Project and the Athikadavu Avinashi Project, which will help his drought prone segment.

My aim is to provide drinking water connection to all the houses in my constituency after winning, I will also try to build apartment houses for the homeless poor.

I have won the last two elections with the support of the AIADMK.

Now I trust the people fully for his victory.

During the MGR period, Semmalai contested and won as an independent.

Now, after a long gap, I and Senthamangalam MLA are contesting as independents due to the wrong decisions of AIADMK leadership which did not respect the feelings of real cadres of the party like him, he said.

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