No masks, no social distancing in buses: Activists in Valparai worried

In Valparai, community activists have expressed concern that there is a risk of the virus spreading again as the public travel amidst heavy congestion in government buses without fear.

As the coronavirus has been spreading in Tamil Nadu for more than a year, the Tamil Nadu government has imposed various restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Thus the risk of coronavirus infection gradually receded.

The Tamil Nadu government has imposed restrictions on people coming to Tamil Nadu with e-pass permission from Kerala and neighbouring states as the incidence of coronavirus has been on the rise for the past few months.

In the Valparai area of the Coimbatore district, the public is living a normal life without fear of corona.

Crowds with no fear can be seen roaming in public places without wearing masks.

In this situation, today at the Valparai Gandhi statue bus stand, the public could be seen travelling by bus in heavy crowds not adhering to the social distancing norms.

There are 38 buses in the Valparai area.

Of these, only 20 buses are currently operating.

Community activists have expressed concern that the situation is feared as the public and school children travel in the same bus amidst heavy congestion.

The activists have called on Valparai police and municipal departments to raise awareness to control the spread of the virus and to impose fines on those who do not wear a mask.

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