No chance of water shortage as Siruvani has 33 ft of water

The Siruvani Dam, which supplies drinking water to the Coimbatore Corporation, has 33 feet of water and so there is no chance of water shortage in the summer, according to the Water Supply and Drainage Board.

The Siruvani Dam supplies water not only to the 26 wards under the Coimbatore Corporation but also to the other villages around. The southwest and northeast monsoons in Coimbatore last year were good, with water bodies including ponds and cisterns overflowing.

In particular, Coimbatore’s main source of drinking water, the Siruvani Dam, reached its full capacity. Coimbatore has been without rain for the last few weeks. Meanwhile, 82 to 90 MLD of water is pumped daily from this dam. Drinking water is being taken.

Thus, the water level of the dam is decreasing. Currently, the dam has 33 feet of water. According to the Water Supply and Drainage Board, “Not only last year, but there was also good rainfall last January in the catchment area of ​​Siruvani Dam. Thus, the dam water level reached full capacity.

Drinking water is being taken daily from the dam. Thus, the water level of the dam has dropped to 33 feet. However, using the existing water it is possible to provide adequate drinking water to the Corporation areas during the summer”.

The authorities also assured that water shortages are unlikely to come. They added, “Currently, 82 MLD is pumped daily from the dam. An adequate amount of water is being taken and distributed”.

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