NGO revives library in Kunri

An Erode based NGO -Unarvugal-has rebuilt the dilapidated library at Kunri, Kadampur Hill, near Sathy.
The library will soon open with more than 5,000 books collected by the organization. The NGO president Dr Makkalrajan said ”The plains have numerous libraries.

There are many opportunities to study here, including for competitive exams. But the people of Kunri hill village is in thick forest, 18 km away from Kadampur hill, do not have this opportunity.

There are 18 hill villages in the Kunri area having 9,000 people, including about 2,000 children and youth.
They cannot study through an online class within 3 km of an elephant-infested area.

Internet connection is only available if they climb a mountain in the area. Apart from that , road, ambulance, medical and other facilities are not available here.

So we decided to rebuild the dilapidated library building in the village. We set up the concrete floor and painted it with modern paintings on the wall. Members of the NGO have visited homes in various parts of Erode, Chittode and Bhavani and collected 5,000 books.

We plan to invite Minister and Collector to open the library soon.

Those who want to help the library and provide books can call 75300 42427 and we will go and get it in person, he added.

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