New office bearers elected for Coimbatore District Basketball Association

Election was held for new office bearers of Coimbatore District Basketball Association (CDBA) in whic CRI Pumps, Joint Managing Director, Mr. G.Selvaraj was again elected as the President. Mr. C.N.Ashok, Mr. C.Anand, Mr. T.Palanisamy, Mr. Navarathna Kumar Bafna were elected as Vice Presidents.

Mr. S.Balaji was elected as the secretary and Mr. N.Ramalingam, Mr. Ramakrishnan, Mr. Deebala were elected as Joint Secretaries. Mr. S.Padmanaban was elected as Treasurer.

Talking to the press, The District Basketball Association (CDBA), President, Mr. G.Selvaraj said that all the elected office bearers are basketball players and new faces. National level Basketball tournament is being held at Coimbatore for more than past 50 years which all of them knew.
Especially in Tamil Nadu more number of competitions are held only at Coimbatore.

Due to ‘Covid-19’ outbreak for the past two years, no competitions were held in Tamil Nadu.
During 2022, May, we have planned to conduct, 55th National Level basketball competitions for both Men and Women.

We would request Tamil Nadu government to help build International Level indoor basketball stadium in Coimbatore.
Steps would be taken to conduct ‘A’ Division and ‘B’ division.

Coimbatore District Basketball Association, Vice Presidents, Mr. C.N.Ashok, Mr. C.Anand, Mr. T.Palanisamy, Mr. Navarathna Kumar Bafna, Secretary, Mr. S.Balaji, Joint Secretaries, Mr. N.Ramalingam, Mr. Ramakrishnan, Mr. Deebala, Treasurer, M. S.Padmanaban were also present.

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