New kind of pest attack seen in cassava plants

In Erode district, cassava is cultivated in 25000 acres.

Powdery mildew attack on cassava plants caused huge losses to farmers for the past two years.

Currently, a new species of moth was seen in the plants.

The attack was inspected by several experts, including Erode District Horticulture Deputy Director P. Tamilselvi, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Crop Protection Center Director Prabhakar and Horticulture College principal Pukazhendi.

They suggested removal of affected plants and they should be destroyed by fire to prevent further spread of pests. Individuals cultivating the plant in natural farm method should spray azadrochtin 1,500 ppm, – 5 ml, at the rate of one liter of water.

Besides Fish oil resin soap, 2 ml, mixed with one liter of water can be sprayed once in 10 days.

For farmers using pesticides, plonicamide 50 Wg3g – in 10 liters of water or thiomethoxam (Actra) 25 Wg 5g – in 10 liters of water or spirodetramide 150 (OD), 1.25ml – in a liter of water can be used.

The pests can be controlled by spraying one of these for the first time at intervals of ten days, the entomology professor said. This information was given by the Deputy Director of Horticulture P. Tamilselvi.

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