New COVID guidelines in Tamil Nadu from April 10 : Shops to be closed after 11 pm

Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu Rajiv Ranjan and Health Secretary Dr Radhakrishnan yesterday held consultations on what steps can be taken to curb the spread of corona infection in Tamil Nadu.

They later announced that a full curfew would not be imposed in Tamil Nadu but that various restrictions would be imposed. Accordingly, the Government of Tamil Nadu has today imposed a number of restrictions on corona prevention in Tamil Nadu. Its description: Temple festivals and religious gatherings have been banned since April 10.

Retail outlets have been banned from operating in the Chennai Koyambedu market from the 10th. Larger shops should only allow 50 per cent of customers. People will only be allowed to sit in seats on government and private buses. Standing is not permitted. The same rule will apply to all the buses plying within and outside districts and the neighbouring states of Puducherry, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as well.

Only 100 people are allowed to attend the wedding and for funeral ceremonies, 50 people are allowed. Only 50 per cent of customers are allowed in restaurants, tea shops and other shopping complexes, malls, etc and they are permitted to function until 11 pm. Only driver and 2 passengers will be allowed in vehicles including rental vehicles, taxi, auto. Private industry companies should not allow employees without a mask.

Apart from these, the Tamil Nadu government has announced various restrictions. Social, political, educational, recreational, sports and cultural events will be permitted with 200 seating indoors, provided all the safety protocols are strictly adhered to The government has also advised the people to reach out to the nearest hospital immediately if one incurs the COVID symptoms.

All the people above the age of 45 are asked to vaccinate themselves at government or authorised private hospitals.

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