Need of the hour

It is very sorrowful that there are no adequate healthcare facilities to match the population of our country.

Had the central government planned effectively, it could have been possible to build COVID speciality hospitals with enough oxygen supplies in important cities across the country. But why did the government not do anything of that sort?

It has been more than two years since the AIIMS project in Madurai was inaugurated. But there is no initiative so far. How to tackle the pandemics like this if the government is so negligent like this?

It is a big question as to how the centre is going to combat the coronavirus that is severely affecting the country.

The shopkeepers of hotels, tea shops, grocery shops and vegetable markets must ensure that the customers will be allowed only if they wear masks.

The government does not even have the data of the migrant labourers who lost their lives during last year’s lockdown. 

Such a devastating situation should not occur this time. The government should release new orders considering the livelihood of the common people.

There is a dire need for an authorised strategy to eradicate the coronavirus. Curbing the rapid spread of the virus is not an easy task.

The needs of the hour are to curtail the spread and bring preventive measures into control.

It is possible to curtail the spread only if people and the government coordinate with each other.

There is a necessity for the central government to drop off the shoddy political decisions and focus on serious measures against the virus spread considering the welfare of the people.

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