Need of the hour

A punishment transfer is imposed as an immediate action against the Registration department officials in most cases. This practice is expected to end in the next few months.

A plea was filed few weeks ago seeking to quash the revoking of such punishment transfers. The principal sessions court of the Madras High Court ordered the Government to submit a detailed report on the actions taken by the Government to curb the malpractices that are happening in the Department of Registration.

Even under the AIADMK rule, document writers and land brokers were banned from entering Registration offices last year.

It was made mandatory that the document writers were required to provide a receipt for the same. The reality is that even if the department’s top officials try to make such reforms, they will not yield the desired results.

Whenever allegations of corruption arise, it is customary to blame the then ruling political party. Officials who are accomplices

to corruption take care of themselves.
Similar criticisms are levelled not only with the registration department but also at the Commercial Taxes and Revenue departments as well.

Corrupt practices in these sectors that can generate revenue loss for the state Government can severely affect the administration of the state.

Such errors should be rectified immediately as all the revenue streams of the state are in question due to the impact of the epidemic.

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