Municipal workers remove flag masts

Banners and flag masts of political parties in Bhavani and Anthiyur Municipalities were removed by officials on Saturday following the announcement of the Assembly election date for Tamil Nadu.

Following this, banners and flag masts belonging to political parties placed in public places in various parts of Erode district were removed as per the orders of the district administration.

In the presence of Municipal Sanitary Officer Senthilkumar in Bhavani, banners and flagpoles of political parties placed in various areas, including the new and old bus stand and the Anthiyur section, were removed.

Anthiyur and Bhavani MLA offices were also locked and sealed.
In Sathy, Highways personnel removed banners in areas within the Bhavnagar Legislative Assembly.

Officials have warned that stern action will be taken against those who write advertisements on government buildings, roadside bridges and barricades without proper permission.

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