Monthly EB bill payment will soon be implemented: Senthil Balaji

As per the promise made in the election manifesto of DMK, the monthly electricity tariff calculation scheme will be implemented soon, said Minister Senthil Balaji on Sunday during his visit to Coimbatore. The Minister of Electricity has assured that 50,000 vacancies will be filled in the power sector.

Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji met the people through various People’s Council meetings held in various parts of Coimbatore. He received petitions from the people. Speaking then, he said, “The monthly EB bill calculation scheme will be implemented soon.

People’s Council meetings are held at about 150 places in the city and suburban areas of the Coimbatore district. Also at these meetings, the departmental officials will receive petitions from the public.

Since yesterday, more than 3,000 petitions have been received in the meetings held in just 6 wards. In most petitions, the elderly have asked for a grant. These petitions will be given priority and immediate action will be taken”. He further added that 50 thousand vacancies in the power sector will be filled soon.

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