Monkey attacks a toddler in Coimbatore

A 4-year-old child was attacked by a monkey while coming to use the toilet inside the home compound in Coimbatore is being treated at the hospital.

Rajiv Gandhi, an auto driver, lives in Gautampura on Coimbatore Hopes – Vilankurichi Road. His 4-year-old daughter was attacked by a monkey when she came to use the toilet inside the house compound on June 30.

Seeing this, the child’s mother made a noise and those nearby came. Also, when she chased the monkey away and saw the child, it was revealed that the child had sustained a serious head injury. Subsequently, the child was taken to a private hospital and given first aid.

However, she was shifted from a private hospital to a government hospital for further treatment as the medicine for monkey bites or attacks was available only at the Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital. The child was admitted and given continuous treatment at the GH.

Doctors said that the child, who was admitted to the pediatric ward, was in good condition and would return home in a couple of days. A monkey was caged by the forest department after it entered a house in the Saibaba Colony area last year.

In this situation, the incident of a monkey entering a residence in the main area of ​​the city again and attacking a child has raised fears. The forest department has promised to investigate and take action in this regard.

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