Monitoring officer reviews corona prevention works

As per the order of the Chief Minister, Erode District Monitoring Officer and Principal Secretary to Government, Department of Animal Husbandry Dr. K. Gopal and Collector C Kathiravan inspected the corona virus control activities in various parts of Erode district and reviewed the works with the officers of all departments at the District Collectorate on Friday.

They told reporters at the meeting, ” based on the views expressed by the CM during a video conference with all District Collectors on (07.05.2021) and in consultation with medical professionals, imposed some restrictions on certain activities recommended by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Medicine and Family Welfare to prevent the spread of the disease.

In order to further intensify the preventive measures in Tamil Nadu, a full curfew has been ordered across the state for two weeks from 4.00 am on 10.05.2021 to 4.00 am on 24.05.2021.

In the district, necessary precautionary measures have been taken to control the corona virus.

A study was carried out at government hospitals and corona infection treatment centers in Erode district.

This included inquiring about the availability of medications needed for patients undergoing intensive care.

In addition, the study looked at the uninterrupted supply of oxygen to patients from areas where oxygen is produced and stored.

Necessary precautionary measures have been taken in that regard in the district.

Steps have been taken by the district administration to provide appropriate treatment to those who have been diagnosed with coronavirus coming to government hospitals and coronavirus treatment centers.

In Erode district, 25240 people were infected with the corona virus and 21454 people were cured. 3615 persons are currently receiving treatment.

There are 877 beds in government hospitals, 1120 beds in private hospitals and 4576 beds in corona infection treatment centers. Of these, 1794 patients were hospitalized.

In Erode district 2435 persons have been isolated at home.

An additional 770 beds are available in government hospitals and 520 beds in hostels with 1290 beds ready.

Steps have been taken to get more beds.

There are 135 corona virus control areas in Erode district where, 1618 houses out of 4120 were in rural areas and 967 houses out of 3561 were in urban areas.

The CM has advised all District Collectors and District Superintendents of Police on Corona virus control measures and ordered hospital fees for treatment under the Tamil Nadu Government Insurance Scheme in the interest of the public as many of the general public affected by the corona infection are being treated not only in government hospitals but also in private hospitals.

All members of the public should wear masks or pay fine.

Strict action will be taken against those who continue to do not follow the government’s security guidelines.

All parties must cooperate with government security measures and wear face mask.

In this dire situation, the departments of medicine, revenue, disaster management, police, district administration and local government should work together.

The Government Erode Medical College Hospital has adequate stocks of normal beds, oxygen beds, intensive care beds and ventilator beds.

About 1,47,769 people have been vaccinated against corona in Erode district.

A total of 1520 corona vaccines were brought to Erode district yesterday and are being used.

There are 6 corona virus laboratories in Erode district.

To date, 5,49,611 people have been tested for corona in the Erode district.

The capacity for daily testing is 3100 and the number of daily tests is 5100.

Various precautionary and preventive measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the second wave of corona virus infection in the district.

Isolated areas in Erode district are also being monitored regularly.

Committees have been set up to monitor their basic needs, including food, water and medical care.

As stated in the National Guidelines for Corona Management, wearing a face mask in public, adhering to social spaces, washing hands frequently with soap and disinfectant, and avoiding meetings are mandatory.

Also, as soon as symptoms of an infection appear, the public should seek medical advice from the nearest hospital immediately. The public is requested to give full cooperation to the efforts of the government.

Earlier, they visited Erode Medical College Hospital, Perundurai. In addition, they inspected the oxygen tanks with a capacity of 20 lakh liters used in the hospital.

Subsequently, the inspection was carried out at the National Oxygen Product Company operating in Perundurai Sipcot and the officers were directed to take appropriate action to increase the production so that the patients suffering from corona disease get the required, unrestricted medical oxygen.

This was followed by a study at the makeshift corona virus infection treatment center set up at the Kongu College of Arts and Sciences, where patients were advised about treatment options and basic facilities.

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